Celebrity Shows

A celebrity takes the charm of an event to a whole different level and we wish your event to have the same charm on your guests as well. Our repertoire shines with the name of who’s who of the entertainment and media industry and we’re well versed in all the aspects of celebrity management...

School & College

There is one event that is a highlight of the year and which cherishes the competitiveness amongst the pupil. It is this event where students can open their heart out and unfurl their talent. It could be an annual function of a school or a larger than life college festival, an institution certainly would want that event to be nothing less than spectacular and euphoric...

Corporate Events

The more the employees boom with energy and happiness, the more productive they’ll be. Dance is a great way to rejuvenate self from the tiring corporate schedule and get entertained. We even render spot-on choreography for a variety of corporate events like award giving ceremonies, product launch events, farewell parties, etc...

Live Shows

The most mesmerizing of all the events are the live shows. There’s absolutely nothing made up. So, to deliver a performance that’s original, the stage has to be right, the performers have to be spot on and the equipment have to be perfect.

Fashion Shows

Gone are the days when modeling was all about just catwalks. ‘Right on the beat’ is the order of the day and we work alongside fashion designers, stylists and several other departments to do just that. We guide models in such a way that immaterial of their attire or jewelry, their poised and graceful movements would exemplify cinematic stunner...


As you proceed to make your soul one with your going-to- be better half we let you embrace the occasion with a romantic dream sequence. We know that every loved one around you wishes to flash their happiness just as you do and we indeed prepare you for that. Tell us what your dream looks like and we’ll give those dreams a life through:

  • Pre wedding photography.

  • Pre wedding shoots.

  • Dedicated background dancers.

  • Choreography for bride, groom, relatives and friends.

dance Workshop

Matrix Dance Company, Udaipur

Rajiv Surti Dance Academy, Udaipur

Mansa City, Punjab

Sajid Ali Dance Academy, Alwar (2018)

Hip Hop Hustle, Jaipur (2015)

Pink City Press Club, Jaipur